Community Flood Resilience Task Force


The Harris County Flood Control Task Force was created by Harris County Commissioners Court in 1972 to advise and recommend “policies and programs to adequately protect homes and businesses from the hazards of flooding and facilitate economic development.” Harris County reshaped this entity into the Harris County Community Flood Resilience Task Force (CFRTF) to reflect a broader approach to the infrastructure challenges and opportunities in our community.

In conjunction with the Task Force, Harris County has established an Infrastructure Resilience Team (IRT) made up of representatives from County departments to develop and guide implementation of the 2050 Harris County Flood Resilience Plan (Resilience Plan). These two efforts are designed to work together to promote multidisciplinary flood resilience across Harris County. Equity, health, safety, meaningful community engagement, and transparent and open communication are critical to these efforts.

Draft Timeline


Purpose of the Bylaws

The Community Flood Resilience Task Force Bylaws serve as a governing document and lay out the purpose, structure, scope, and procedures for the Task Force. The Office of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo hosted a community outreach effort to hear thoughts and ideas on the draft bylaws below. The feedback was collected as outlined in the following section.

After reviewing the feedback collected, the CJO team revised the Task Force bylaws with support from the Harris County Attorney’s Office to strike the best balance among the diverse range of comments received.

Summary of Community feedback collectedEnglishSpanish
Final Guide to the Bylaws, a summary of the key elements EnglishSpanish
Final full text of the Bylaws EnglishSpanish

Draft versions:
Draft Guide to the Bylaws, a summary of the key elements: English, Spanish
Draft full text of the Draft Bylaws: English, Spanish

Collecting Feedback

The Office of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo welcomed community members to provide feedback on the bylaws from July 20th to 30th, 2020. The feedback received on the bylaws’ Purpose, Tasks, Structure, and Composition will help us ensure the long-term success and impact of the Task Force.

Participants offered their feedback by emailing comments to a designated email address, attending one of three virtual focus groups, and/or offering input during the Commissioners Court meeting on July 28th.

The County Judge’s Office hosted approximately 150 people across the 3 virtual dialogues and read 200 email comments in which community members shared a wide range of perspectives and hopes for the Task Force.

Next Steps

The finalized bylaws were approved by Commissioners Court on August 11, 2020. The IRT was established by the Court on September 15, 2020 and members of the court approved the first Task Force nominations on September 29, 2020.

Iris Gonzalez, Dr. Earthea Nance, Lisa Gonzalez, Bob Rehak, and Bill Callegari have accepted their nominations and are currently working to fully staff the Community Flood Resilience Task Force by the end of the year.

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