Harris County Announces Emotional Support Hotline For Communities Affected by the Conflict in Gaza and Israel

December 19, 2023

Judge Lina Hidalgo announced today that in partnership with The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, Harris Countycreated an emotional support line for members of our community who have been impacted by the conflict in Gaza and Israel.

The Emotional Support Line for the Conflict in Gaza and Israel will be available 24/7 with phone counselors who can provide non-judgmental, empathetic listening and support with translation services available in over 150 languages, including Spanish. Anyone in Harris County can call the phone number 1-833-812-2481 to receive these services.

“We may be thousands of miles from the conflict, but many people here in Harris County are hurting because of the Israel-Hamas war. While we might not be able to solve this age-old historical conflict from here, we can help residentstake care of their mental health during this heavy time in the world. Anyone in Harris County, regardless of what community they are from, can call our hotline at 1-833-812-2481 to get emotional support and counseling services,” said Judge Lina Hidalgo.