County Judge Lina Hidalgo: Indoor, maskless gatherings should not be taking place right now, and this applies to bars as well

(Harris County, TX) - October 7, 2020, County Judge Lina Hidalgo today issued the followingstatement:

“Months ago,we established the Harris County Threat Level System - critical public healthbenchmarks to determine the county’s level of reopening and make way forsustainable, long-term reopenings. We have not been able to enforce the ThreatLevel System, which has led to a much slower decrease in the virusincidence.

The dataguiding county decision-making tells us we are doing much better than we were afew months ago, but we are still at the highest level: red. Indoor, masklessgatherings should not be taking place right now, and this applies to bars, aswell.  

We are movingin the right direction because of the community coming together and helpingcontain this virus. We must not let down our guard or we will be right backwhere we started. 

The sooner wecan get this virus under control means the sooner we can return to some senseof normalcy and the stronger our local economy will be. We would have gottenthere long ago if Harris County had been able to take the aggressive measureswe needed to take in April and again in June.”