County Judge Lina Hidalgo Returns to Office

October 2, 2023

Judge Hidalgo returned to the office today after receiving mental health treatment for clinical depression. She will spend the day getting briefed by staff and responding to constituent messages. Judge Hidalgo is also preparing to attend the next Commissioners Court on Tuesday, October 10.

“I’m thrilled to be back! I’ve had a fantastic day with my staff, and I am slowly working through many supportive letters and notes. Thank you to everyone for your incredible support as I return to the office. Nobody would think twice about taking time off work to recover from a heart attack or another physical ailment, and it should be the same way for a mental illness. With the treatment I’ve received, it no longer feels like I’m in a constant fight against depression. I hope that others who are struggling will look to my experience and feel empowered to get the help they need instead of suffering in silence, ” said Judge Hidalgo.

Photos from Judge Hidalgo's day back in office can be found here