Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Launches New COVID-19 Campaign Targeting Vaccine Hesitancy

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Judge Hidalgo and officials from Harris County Public Health today announced a new campaign designed to addressvaccine hesitancy and urge residents to take additional action to stop the spread of COVID-19. The campaign focuses on urging residents to take simple steps beyond wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands to include learning about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, staying home and canceling gatherings. The campaign brand, “ Stay Smart, Do Your Part” was chosen to highlight the vital role that the community plays in helping the region finally recover sustainably from the pandemic and help our economy get moving again.

The current phase of the campaign will focus on addressing vaccine hesitancy, particularly among communities of color in Harris County. According to a recent national survey consisting of minority groups and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, almost 40% of respondents would refuse vaccination if offered one today or are undecided about whether they would accept getting a vaccine at some point.

“Each of us who live in Harris County are interconnected and we can only reach herd immunity if those who are still undecided about receiving the COVID-19 take action to protect themselves and their neighbors,” said Judge LinaHidalgo. “People of color have been hit the hardest by this virus and it is worrisome that research indicates they are also those who are least likely to get vaccinated. Even as we wait for vaccine supply chains to catch up, we must lay the groundwork now to make sure we’re engaging with residents who are hesitant or undecided about the safety and efficacy of vaccines so they can stay smart and do their part.”

The multilingual paid advertising push announced today includes a slate of advertising featuring doctors as credible messengers of health information and asking residents to learn about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and to getvaccinated once they are eligible.

To download copies of sample outreach material and advertising content click on the links below:

Grassroots Partnership Toolkit




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English and Spanish

Vaccine Registration One Pager

The campaign also relies on grassroots partnerships with local groups and organizations already engaging communities to end the pandemic. As part of the grassroots effort, Harris County has distributed an informational toolkit in multiple languages including Spanish and Vietnamese (with additional languages to be included as well) for schools, businesses, and other community groups to use and share encouraging residents to learn about vaccines, dispel myths and facts, and find out where and when to get vaccinated.

Last week, the county launched a new “Smart Waitlist” system that allows residents to be placed on a waitlist and selected randomly once vaccines and appointments are available. The waitlist is available via the vaccine information link on Residents without internet access can also call 832-927-8787 between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Saturday to register. Registrants on the waitlist will instead be selected through a prioritization andrandomization process in accordance with state guidelines.

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