Statement from County Judge Lina Hidalgo on HUD Discrimination Finding

Tuesday March 8, 2022

“We’re grateful to have leadership in Washington that recognizes the value of fairness and equity when it comes to fighting the clear and present danger we’re experiencing from climate change.

It’s not complicated: Harris County was ground zero for the heartbreaking impacts of Hurricane Harvey, and continues to be exceedingly vulnerable. The share of mitigation funds we receive from the federal government should reflect that reality.

For too long, our most vulnerable communities have been left behind when it comes to protecting them from flood disaster. We’re doing our part here in Harris County to level the playing field, but we cannot do it alone.

The fight is not over, but thanks to bipartisan efforts to inform GLO of the facts, along with the efforts of our congressional delegation, Mayor Turner, my commissioners court colleagues, HUD Secretary Fudge and the Biden-Harris Administration we’re moving in the right direction. We stand ready to help GLO correct these violations and continue to invest in shovel ready flood mitigation projects that will benefit all residents of Harris County, including the City of Houston.”