Statement from Harris County Judge Hidalgo on Federal Court Decision on Drive-Thru Voting

November 2, 2020

Harris County Judge Hidalgo released the following statement regarding the decision by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas on drive-thru voting:

“Safe, secure, and fair elections are the backbone of our democracy. Today’s decision validates what we have been saying all along: Drive thru voting is safe, secure, legal, and a common sense way for voters to cast their ballots during a pandemic. It is beyond comprehension that anyone would seek to invalidate 127,000 votes legally cast by voters. While we fully expect more appeals and litigation from those seeking to suppress the voices of our citizens, we will continue our fight to zealously protect the sanctity of each and every ballot cast here in Harris County.

My message to the residents of Harris County is this: Go vote. Make your voice heard. Do not let those seeking to confuse or undermine confidence in our democratic process distract you. For the first time during a Presidential election, you can choose any of 806 polling locations to cast your ballot tomorrow. Visit for the latest information on where to vote, wait times, and any other information you need for election day.”