Statement from Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo on Deputy Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal

Friday September 27, 2019

We are heartbroken to learn that Deputy Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal - a father, husband, and tenyear veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office - was taken away from us today. He was anextraordinary public servant and an enduring example of what it means to protect and serve.

Throughout his life, Deputy Dhaliwal’s service stretched far beyond his work on patrol. Hecontributed meaningful support in our county after Hurricane Harvey by mobilizing support andresources for survivors. He also helped redefine what it means to be an officer in the mostdiverse county in America. A man of faith, Deputy Dhaliwal once said, “As a Sikh American, Ifelt the need to represent the Sikh community in law enforcement. Serving in the police force isnatural to us, as Sikhs value service.” In that spirit, he made history by becoming the first HarrisCounty Sheriff's Deputy to wear articles of religion while on duty. And in so doing, DeputyDhaliwal inspired the community around him.

Each day he went to work, Deputy Dhaliwal put his life in danger to protect us. We owe him adebt of gratitude that can never be repaid. We stand with our entire law enforcement communityand others across the county and the nation in offering our condolences to his family