Policy and Communications Fellowship Application

Interested applicants should complete a short application with the following information:

  • Name and educational level (e.g., junior, senior, recently obtained undergraduate/graduate degree, currently in graduate school)
  • Choose from three short essay prompts. Please answer in 350-500 words.
    1. Identify the most important challenge you believe Harris County faces and describe the approach you would take to identifying and proposing a policy solution, or communications strategy, to address this challenge
    2. Describe a person, personal experience, or current event that sparked your interest in public policy or communications. How does it shape your outlook on policy making and related communications?
    3. Describe a time you felt challenged. How did you overcome this situation? What lessons did you learn from the experience?
  • What do you hope to get out of your experience as a CJO Fellow? Please answer in 100 words or less.
  • Please identify up to three policy areas from the list below that are of interest to you:
    1. Transportation
    2. Housing
    3. Criminal & Juvenile Justice
    4. Early Childhood Education
    5. Economic Opportunity & Development
    6. Health
    7. Environment
  • Once complete, please email your application, resume, and one letter of recommendation from a professional or academic contact to:
    1. [email protected]. Send all documents in a single email with the subject line titled “CJO Policy Fellowship_Full Name -- [Summer/Fall/Spring], or”
    2. [email protected] . Send all documents in a single email with the subject line titled “CJO Comms Fellowship_Full Name -- [Summer/Fall/Spring].”
  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.