Supporting Our Veterans

Veterans hold a special place in our history and our community, and this is reflected in the priorities set by the Harris County Judge’s Office. The Harris County Judge’s Office will continue to focus on improving access to mental health services, ensuring veterans in the criminal justice system are supported and rehabilitated, and creating career pathways for those who have served and bring a unique and incredibly valuable skill set to the workforce.

Key Accomplishments

  • Created a new, stand-alone Veterans Services Department. The County doubled the budget for the Department and is collaborating with local organizations to ensure our veterans and their families receive the programs and services they have earned through service to our country.
  • Coordinated financial support for veterans during COVID-19 crisis: The Harris County Veteran Services Department, in conjunction with the Texas Veterans Commission, received funding to provide short-term financial assistance for impacted veterans and their families.
  • Passed resolution to honor the service of Harris County Veterans who bravely defended our nation. Harris County is home to more than 180,000 veterans, the largest veteran population in Texas, and no veteran should go without benefits they rightfully earned.